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    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    The Losers: Too Harsh?

    It could've been worse, we could live in Kansas City and have started this weekend with literally nothing to look forward to. We might've been stuck going to see the movie the Losers rather than watching our teams become the losers in a couple of good games this afternoon.

    From the opening tip, it wasn't meant to be a sweep. It certainly would've been nice to see the Celtics get an extra day of rest before they had to inevitably take on the Cavs after they dispose of the Chicago Bulls. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. Dwayne Wade's 46 points was just a little bit too much for the C's to handle.

    Let's be real, the Celtics just weren't "there" today from the start, the reason it felt like it was a game is that the Heat are just so over matched that even a mediocre performance from the Celtics keeps them in a game. Don't get me wrong, the Celtics had glimpses of solid play and they probably should've won the game, but Dwayne Wade was way too much for a lackluster performance to overcome.

    Early foul trouble took Paul Pierce and Ray Allen out of the game and they never really found their rhythm. Kevin Garnett had a solid offensive game, but he uncharacteristically missed some assignments on the defensive end. There was no fire in the belly of Glen Davis off the bench and Rasheed Wallace took quite a few ill advised shots in big spots. Even Nate Robinson got a shot to shine and he blew his opportunity to make an impact with Rondo on the bench.

    Even with the lackluster play the Celtics had a shot to close out the series down the stretch, but they went 2-8 from the free throw line (including a VERY uncharacteristic 1-4 from Ray Allen.) It just wasn't meant to be.

    Now the Celtics will have to close it out on the parquet at the Garden in front of a home town crowd, good for the wallets of the ownership, but not so great for the legs of the big three.

    Oh ya, then there're the Red Sox who continue to stumble, even when we expected so much from them coming into the weekend against the lowly Baltimore Orioles. Pretty soon we'll be talking about the basement dwelling Red Sox. It's not looking good for our local nine. I am not one to count them out after only 19 games, but losing to the Orioles in extra innings does not really give one optimism for the upcoming summer.

    Is it too harsh to call our teams Losers? Of course it is, but lose they did this weekend, but at least we had competitive sports to watch. It could be worse, we might've had to go see this this weekend...

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