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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    KG, Oh how we miss Ye!

    So the C's have dropped 4 out of 5 and are only a half game up on the Orlando Magic for the 2 seed in the east. Now I know that I said on TNA that we should not talk about the one seed and what needs to happen with that for Celts to do well in the playoffs blah, blah. Let me rescind that and say "Hold on to the effin two seed at least!" Sorry if that sounded a little panicked, but if you look at this little slide that they are on, let's break it down a little shall we.

    It would be one thing if they were losing these games to the LA Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, or even the San Antonio Spurs. No the C's are losing to the Magic, Heat, Bucks, and Bulls. The only one glimmer of happiness was a win against the Grizzlies and to be honest watching that game I was not sure we were going to win that one either(thank you Ray Ray) all of this points to one thing and that is Kevin Garnett the Celtics miss you terribly. All of the talk that the C's can win with out him "Look they are undefeated with KG out of the lineup!" those days are long gone.
    Trust me I am the first to point out that the rest of the team is not on the up and up either with Davis, Scal, TA, and possibly the other Allen (Ray hurt his elbow last night) being out also hurts this team, but when you surrender 127 points to the freakin' Bulls there is a glaring emptiness in the middle of that paint that needs to return.

    We all want KG back in the worst way I know this and we all want him back for the stretch run so that means he has to be healthy, but damn watching these games without him is just painful. So in closing Kevin by all means, get well soon, like by this Friday against the Spurs.

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