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    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    A Positive Loss - What?

    When the final horn went off the score was 109-104 Thunder. The C's have lost their second straight game on this season long six game home stand, but not all was lost. Eight games remain before the playoffs tip off April 17th. Four at home, and four on the road. Big games in there as well Cleveland, Toronto, Chicago and Milwaukee (twice) which will give us the final look at whether the Celtics team will be able to make that playoff push none of us think they have in them.

    With all that being said losing to the Thunder you saw some positives,
    1. Rasheed Wallace had his best night in 6 weeks, and I don't mean just the scoring I mean on D and leadership with smart decisions on offense. Things from Sheed we have not seen in awhile.
    2. The fight they had, now we have seen the C's with a little extra fight over the past 5-6 games (except for that San Antonio game that was ugly) which means to me that they are getting more and more prepared to make that veteran push in the post season.
    3. The bench play, getting more fluid every game. The Finley deal we all made fun of may actually be working out, he is hitting the open J, playing solid (not great) defense and has I think brought a veteran presence on the floor that was needed for this bench to be successful. Finally -
    4. KG, he looks to be more and more ready for the post season. Each game this guy is throwing it all out there and doing it without that thought of "will my knee hold up if I go up for this alley-oop" I have loved what I have seen from Garnett on both sides of the floor these last couple of nights.

    With the long home stand about to end for the C's they can help themselves out with finishing strong not only in the standings, remember they are still tied for that 3rd spot with Atlanta, but with the confidence of a championship team getting ready to make that big push in the playoffs. That is of course as long as they see themselves as a championship team, and if you ask any of THEM (not us) they will say "YES".

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