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    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Celtic Pride

    Wednesday night was a night 7 years in the making. I took my 7 year old son Tyler, to his first professional sporting event. We saw the Celtics vs. the Thunder. What a night. The only thing that could have made it better was if the Celtics had won. To start the day off, I was offered tickets by one of my friends, and thought that it might be a good idea to bring my son to his first Celtic's game. I called home and asked if he wanted to go. I got the twenty questions, how long would it be, would I have fun, and so on. He couldn't make up his mind, so, because I was given these only hours before game time, I needed to move quick, in order to get someone to go with me. So, I called Timmy to let him know that I wasn't going to be able to do the podcast, and to see if he would be able to go. While I was talking to him, my wife called me back and said he was crying and really wanted to go. It was set, he was going with me.

    We headed into the game, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A calm ride in, parked under the Garden, so we didn't have to carry our jackets. Took the elevator up paid for parking, then into the pro shop. I had to keep steering him away from the Bruins gear, and kept saying,"We are going to see the Celtic's not the Bruins." That game may come next year. I asked him what player shirt he wanted, he was locked on Ray Allen. He didn't even mention anyone else. I guess this is when I should mention that he has never watched a game on TV and only knows the players, because I point them out in highlights on TV. He seemed to have Ray as his favorite. So, a shirt, hat, foam finger and key chain later, we headed into the building and to our seats.

    Still, everything was calm and quiet, the focus was on getting nachos. We enjoyed nachos and a diet coke, before the game started. We stood for the national anthem, then it was time for tip off. This is when the fun began. He was bouncing out of his seat for the whole game. At halftime when a bunch of people were leaving there seats, he said, should we be leaving now. I explained that is was halftime and that we would leave after the third quarter and I would be happy he made it that far. Well, the third quarter ended and he asked if we had to leave, I asked him why, he said I think I want to stay to the end. I couldn't have been a prouder Dad at that moment. Now, I was worried they would lose and blow the whole night. He was yelling, "DEFENSE" when on defense, and telling them to get a basket on offense. With less than a minute to go and they are down, four. It's going to be close. They just couldn't shut the Thunder down, and eventually lost 109 - 104. He accepted the defeat, and said,"The other team played really good and deserved to win." He was able to enjoy the game, cheer and root, like it was game seven of the NBA finals, and go home happy and so glad that he went.

    It was a night I will cherish forever. Oh yeah, there was another kid I was impressed with, Kevin Durant. He scored so effortlessly. Ray Allen was on him most of the night, Pierce covered him the last five minutes or so, but the Celtics didn't have an answer for him. Even though the Celtics lost, it was the best game I have ever been too. Looking forward to doing this with the other majors sports, but for now I will have a big smile on my face, every time I talk about Tyler's first Celtic's game.

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