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    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Not Gonna Say I Told You So...BUT

    Last night the Boston Celtics lost their fifth game of the season, leaving them four games away from the 73-9 mark that Rasheed Wallace predicted at the beginning of the season. Doesn't look so likely right now Sheed does it?

    The Celtics lost 98-97 to the Philadelphia 76ers in a game that they should've won. Who is to blame? Rasheed Wallace if you ask Frank Dell'Appa at who wrote this article about the Wallace's ejection from last nights game and he has a point.

    OK, I know Rasheed has been a valuable asset the Celtics this season and will continue to be down the stretch, but this is exactly the thing that I was worried about when we signed him. He is a loose cannon and one that could go off at any time and hurt us in a tight spot.

    In this case it was only a regular season game against the Sixers, but what if he gets tossed from an Eastern Conference Finals game against Lebron and the Cavs or Dwight Howard and the Magic? What then? Do we forgive and forget?

    I don't like to be woah is me, but let's be real, he is who is. The Celtics are not the Patriots who took Corey Dillon and turned him into a model citizen or revived a struggling Randy Moss (until last weekend.) The Celtics are still the Celtics. They can't keep their point guard in check let alone a bad apple like Wallace.

    I am not saying let's dump him, I am just saying that Doc needs to reign him in before he gets out of control. If he implodes at a crucial juncture in the season we could be S.O.L. and everyone knows this is probably our last shot at a 18th ring.


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    Anonymous Teresa Clitteah said...

    The next championship would be the 18th ring not 19th.

    December 20, 2009 at 10:25 PM  
    Anonymous Louise said...

    I am a huge Celtics fan. The Celtics are playing the Bucks in Milwaukee and I want to go.i'm planning to see them & i get my tickets via
    but I was wondering if there is a certain section where the opponent fans sit?

    December 23, 2009 at 10:44 AM  

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