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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Powe More Drama

    The Boston Celtics' championship hopes for the 2009 season keep getting slimmer and slimmer and today, with the announcement that Leon Powe will not see anymore action in this season's playoffs, it seems like the inevitable is drawing closer. Don't count them out yet, but missing KG and Leon Powe up front does not bode well for a championship run.

    While the C's have struggled against the lowly Bulls at home, it hasn't been the big men in Chicago's lineup that have given them fits as Ben Gorden and Derrick Rose have been the thorns in their side, but when the C's have to go up against Orlando or Cleveland, the lack of a strong presence in the lane is not a good thing.

    So with the announcement that Powe is out for the remainder of the season, the Celtics inch closer to 2009 extinction. Don't get me wrong, I am on board with a championship run and will be pulling for them every step of the way, but the realistic side of me has to wonder, can they really do it? I don't know, but I'll be pulling for them for sure.

    P.S. Pictures of Game 2 coming soon...I am slacking!!

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