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    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Genuflect to the King

    Tonight King James and the Cavs roll into the Garden and you will hear everyone say, this could be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals...King James and his men versus The Captain...slow that train down one minute. This is NOT a preview. We will be sans Kevin Garnett and we are banged up generally all the way around. I wouldn't be surprised if Lebron puts a hurtin' on us tonight.

    In fact, I might watch the game tonight with the sound down because the announcers inevitably will talk about how Lebron James is the greatest basketball player they have ever seen. While he is definitely up there with the greats, it doesn't have to be said on every broadcast. Give me a break!!

    I will say this one thing about Lebron, I don't hate him or his talent, because he seems to be a genuine guy who is just a phenomenal basketball player. Unlike Kobe, who seems to be smug and think he is better than everybody, Lebron goes out and gets the job done, night in and night out with very little to say.

    So tonight, I think there will be plenty of talk about the possibility that the C's and the Cavs will meet in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and you know what, that may very well happen and this time the Celtics probably won't have home court advantage, so they'll have to win on the road. Tonight though, will NOT be a preview of that series. Tonight is just another game on the schedule as far as I am know except for the opening ceremonies and the horns playing when King James enters the Garden. DOWN ON ONE KNEE SUBJECTS!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN

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