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    Thursday, March 5, 2009


    If you've been wondering where the vaunted defense of the world champion Boston Celtics has gone, so have we. Even though they eked out a win against the NJ Nets last night 115-111, they gave up 111 POINTS!! That is very un-Celtic like.

    And even Doc noticed it as the C's held two practices and a morning shootaround before the game dedicated to defense and yet the Celts still let Vince Carter go wild all over them with 34 and oh ya, they ALMOST LOST THE GAME!!

    How have the C's been doing of late on the defensive side of the ball? Not so great. The C's have given up 99 or more points in four of their last six games. NOT GOOD!! This type of defense is not going to cut it when Lebron and company are on the floor and it is certainly not going to cut it in the playoffs.

    Yes, you could point to the missing link of KG not being there to stop up the lane, but guess what, the C's could be without Kevin Garnett for more than just this stretch. I hate to say it, but one twisted ankle in game 1 of the opening series in the playoffs, the C's could struggle and all hell could break loose with an opening round loss. Don't yell at me, it COULD happen. I am of course hoping it doesn't.

    All this panic could be resolved if Doc can rally the team and get them to play some defense. Maybe they need their rallying cry from KG...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!

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