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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Ep54 - In Spread Formation

    Adam joined the TNA this week as both Timmy and Billy Corey were on assignment in Lowell...YA DUDE. Speaking of which, check out this pic of their ringside seats at the Gloves kid!!

    So many Lowell kids wanted to beat the crap out of each other so they had to add a second night and that's where Timmy and BC were tonight, so Scotty Dukes and Adam got you covered.

    Everything from the Celtics nine game win streak to Jags heading to Tampa Bay, we've got everything in between.
    Oh did we mention that we're STILL WAITING ON TEK? Yup...deadline is soon so Jason is either going to accept the Sox $5 million deal or retire. I hope he comes back.

    A couple other news of note, Matty Cassel's franchise tag will set the Pats back $14.6 mil and will Adam's campaign to bring in TO come true? Probably not. Thanks for checking out the show tonight.

    Stay here for complete coverage of the Super Bowl...hahahaha, we'll be at the movies...that's our coverage. More on Monday night!!

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