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    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Ep53 - Are we going to talk sports at all?

    Adam's view of the Inauguration...YA DUDE!!

    Fresh off his vacation to the frozen tundra that is Washington DC, Adam is back for Episode 53 and has many stories of the National Air and Space Museum, thank god they had heaters. Timmy has stories from curbside at the Gahden and his brushes with fame, if you can call Lenny Clark famous.

    The Celtics are on another sick run winning their last 8 games in a row. Are they as hot as they were during their 19 game run? Will they sign Stephon Marbury? Will Ray Allen actually miss a shot for the rest of the season? All of these questions were answered on this episode of WPDR.

    Finally some Hot Stove action as the Red Sox make an offer to the Captain for 1 year at $5 mil with a second year option. Will Tek accept? The boys discuss!!

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