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    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Hall - a luxury we can't afford...

    In another brilliant move that will surely add to the legacy of the gunslinger Al Davis, he has knee jerked DeAngelo Hall out of Oakland. Hmmm, a stud position player that underperformed in the managerial quagmire known as the Oakland Raiders. Sound familiar? Thanks Al, we need to firm up the secondary here in New England. The counterpoint is of course that he would not fit in here, he is not a "Patriots kinda guy." Really? Corey Dillon, um, Randy Moss, sound familiar? But he is a Michael Vick sympathizer. But he has been underwhelming since his fresh start in Oakland. Fresh start in Oakland, is there such a thing? We can't afford to not take a long look at this guy. I as a BC fan, was unfortunately on the receiving end of a great deal of his stellar play as a defensive back for VA Tech. The balance of his contract would be a rent anyway. To steal from the past campaign - SIGN, SIGN NOW, SIGN BABY SIGN!

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