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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    A Win is a Win...Not This Time

    If there wasn't a ring ceremony at the begining of last nights Celtics game against the Cavs, I would be sitting here saying, the perimeter game was nowhere to be found, the first half defense was a bit shotty, but you know what, we got the win and that's all that matters. Well, not aaaaaaalll that matters.

    Let's be real, it wasn't at all about the win or loss last night at the Gahden. Yes it was important to start the defense of our title with a win, especially against the Cavs, but the spotlight was on the trophy, the rings and the players last night and boy did they deliver. Not since Larry Bird's famous "There's only one place I'd rather be..." speech have I gotten so choked up watching a player celebrate a title. The Truth, who was the Truth last night dropping 27 points on the Cavs and stepping up to the mic to deliver one of the best all time championship "acceptance" speeches, was left in tears as I will admit I was as well. If you weren't at least moved by the ceremony, turn in your green and white and start praying for a Laker's championship (NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!)

    So Boston, bask in it. You deserve it. Congratulations, the City of Champions lives.

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