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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Red Sox Comeback? Beat Rangers 19-17

    "After that first inning when they had us down 10-0, I think everybody in the ballpark and everybody in all of Massachusetts thought that the game was over," said Rangers manager Ron Washington, whose team had 20 hits for the second straight game.

    Yes sir Mr. Washington, you are correct. Those were my sentiments exactly and that's why you may have noticed there was nothing posted about the end of this game. After a 10-run first I was comfortable switching over to the Olympics and watching as Michael Phelps broke into the record books over and over and over again. Little did I know that the Red Sox and Rangers would be doing that last night as well.

    On the power of 17 hits, 4 home-runs and 19 runs the Red Sox outlasted the Rangers in one of the greatest shows on Earth, Boston Red Sox baseball in late summer. Youklis' 2nd dinger of the night came at an opportune time when the Red Sox needed it the most, the eighth inning, down by a run. K-Youk's three run blast sent Fenway Park into a frenzy and left the Rangers to hang their heads and wonder how they squandered what could've been the greatest comeback against a Red Sox team in history.

    In all, the game saw 37 hits, 11 doubles, 5 home runs and 36 runs. And when all the dust settled the Red Sox were left standing, Hideki Okajima got the win and Jonathon Papelbon got the save.

    Click here for the boxscore.

    RED SOX WIN!!!

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