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    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Sox Sweep and the C's First Half

    Well...It wasn't pretty and it took a non-save opportunity for Pap to get it done, but the Sox played like the Celtics at home and won their third straight against the last place Brew-crew. So Tony Gwynn Jr. you've been PAP-SMEARED!! I love it.

    Papi is hitting his stride in a big way with two bombs today and a double for 4 RBI's on the day. Pedroia or Pedroier if you're Jerry Remy went 3-4 with a homer and 2 RBI's and YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK had a deep ball over the monstah too. Good series for the home 9. Final score 11-7.

    There's nothing I like more then a clean sweep at home for the Sox, but am I the only one a little concerned about Beckett? He only gave up 6 hits today, but that lead to 6 runs. He also gave up 4 dingers which has me a little concerned. All of this has lead to some in the media asking Dice-K if he is the ace of the Red Sox staff and Dice could only shake his head and laugh. Laugh all you want, but we might ride his dice-ness to the promise land once again this season.

    Here's the box score.

    On to the C's or should I say, Paul Pierce's Celtics. Pierce has put the Celts on his back today and has grabbed 26 points. He got a little shaken up at the end of the half, but he'll be back strong in the second half. More then that though, his defense on Lebron has been NASTY. Lebron is scoring, but nobody else on the Cavs is and that is a testament to the rest of the Celtics team.

    Here's another note, they are doing their T-Mobile Fav Fives during the halftime show and one of their favorite plays of the playoffs so far was Lebron's dunk that people are calling one of the greatest dunks ever in the history of the NBA. This is exhausting to me, because it wasn't that great. Yes. It was a good dunk, but it wasn't one of the best of all time. Besides, who really cares if it was, it means nothing if the Cavs don't win today, even Lebron would tell you that.

    Second half on the way. GO CELTS!!!

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