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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Celtics Losing? On the Road? Noooooooo...

    It's halftime at The Q (for the record I love that arena nickname, it's not the Gahden, but I enjoy it.) Is this really how we're going to win #17? We're going to have to play 4 seven game series? It's almost like everything that could've gone our way did go our way in the first half and we're still losing by NINE.

    The half ended with Delonte West hitting a three at the buzzer. Yuuuuuupp!! We were up by six...then we gave the lead up, the Cavs went up by six and as if someone was looking down and thinking, let's just give a little more momentum to them and let them knock down a three at the buzzer. Oh ya, let's also let a guy who used to play for them hit the shot. DWest must be pissed that he is no longer a Celtic because he has had a monsterous series. I don't blame him really. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the Celtics? I don't know many people.

    Being down nine at the half is all worth it because I just saw another FANTASTIC Sportscenter commercial...they always knock them out of the park. Jose Reyes is a supahstah...Check out the commercial

    - Adam

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