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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Psyched for Football Season

    For most in the Boston area the start of the New England Patriots season came last Thursday night when the team faced off in their first pre-season game against the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints (I like the way that sounds...well I don't know if I like it, but it's better then saying the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts...isn't it?) but for us here in Southern Connecticut it has yet to sink in that football season is officially upon us. Thanks to WCVB-TV we don't get the first pre-season game on TV down here. (Sidebar: have you SEEN the Channel 5 website? Did they go back to 1999 and steal it from the old millennium? YIKES!!! Love you guys, but update that thing will you?)

    Ok, back to why I am excited about football season starting.

    It just really hit me while I was at lunch and listened to the weekly call-in from Coach Belichick on-demand on The Big Show (if you missed it listen here.) I love the interviews he does with The Big Show because he is typically more laid back and more easy going, he jokes with the guys and he gets a little more in depth about football then he normally does at a press conference.

    I know I may be being optimistic because the season hasn't started yet, but I love the tone that the pre-season has taken this year. I know Logan Mankins is holding out and they haven't gotten a deal done with Tom Brady, but the tone seems to be one of renewal and a new found ease about the team and the way they are doing things, at least that's what I heard in the coach's voice. He seems laid back, relaxed and ready to tackle another season.

    Of course, I didn't see the first pre-season game, but the highlights I have seen and what others who did see the game are writing it sounds like it was a success and the fact that the Patriots will have Wes Welker back in red, white and blue puts everyone at ease even more.

    What will the outcome of the season be? We'll surely make our predictions as we get closer. For right now, it's nice to have something to be optimistic about, God knows we can't be optimistic about baseball in October.


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