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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    What a Game! What a Tourney!

    If there were ever a way to end the 2010 NCAA tournament it was the way Butler and Duke played it out in Mondays great game. With a last second heave from half court that had every ounce of Haywood's strength and Tar Heel Nation (read : Duke haters) behind it as well. All that emotion and hope was not enough. The dreams of hopeful sports fans everywhere and an upstart school bounced off the rim. For a moment you thought it was money, and you're not alone. A lot of people I am sure thought that it was going in. Why not, why shouldn't it drop since this years tourney saw some of the craziest upsets and wild finishes. That is what March Madness is supposed to bring. With only one number one making it to the Final Four, yet two number fives broke through as well. For the most part, the 2 seeds were in trouble throughout the tournament and the small schools such as Northern Iowa and of course Butler said to the country hey we can play some college hoops too.

    Does this mean I am in favor of expanding the field as will be discussed by the NCAA this off season? No freakin way! If you expand the league you could be watering it down and these teams, these Butler teams, these George Mason teams, and all the other small schools won't be as sexy to pick during your brackets if you have 96 to choose from. Let's face it, it is all about the brackets each year. It is what makes the tourney that special few weeks that has everyone on ready to click the boss button on that first Thursday and then realize they don't need to once they witness their boss just had a great pick for an upset and is involved at their own desk.

    I hope this tournament shows that they should keep things the way they are, the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" comes to mind. Even though the hated Blue Devils won this season it was a great game and a great tournament. Now all we have to do is wait 48 more weeks before it starts up all over again.

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