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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Now That That's Over...

    Well, now that that's over we can get back to...the daily grind. I probably don't feel AS dejected as the Butler players pictured above, but it's close. Today is the Tuesday after. The day we all have to refocus at work because we've spent the last three weeks reveling in some of the best basketball this country has to offer.

    You have to go back to filing TPS reports and coming in on Saturday all because the silly tournament is over.

    Your water cooler talk will now turn to listening to the lady in the cube next to you talk about who went home on Dancing With The Stars.

    You'll pass the guy who won your office pool in the hall with your head hung low while his wallet is bulging out of his pants and a big shit eating grin is stretched across his face. He knows he got lucky, but he doesn't care, he's RICH BITCH!!

    Your buddy who had everyone over to watch the national championship game on his brand new 60' plasma will walk by you and you'll just nod at each other and look down at the ground while continuing to walk ahead all the while knowing what this Tuesday means.

    There'll be no more high fives or chest bumps. There'll be no more panic buttons on your computer to close the live game streaming when your boss walks by.

    Today, we return to reality. A terrible reality. One where work actually becomes work again and basketball is no longer about brackets, but about saving your superstar's legs for the playoffs.

    So, today, do something for you, something that makes you smile while you think back fondly on one of the best NCAA tournaments in recent history. Just do it while getting some work done...otherwise you might get fired.

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