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    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    5 Reasons I WON'T Watch Tiger's Return

    This afternoon marks the "triumphant" return of Tiger Woods to the PGA tour. It is a miracle he is even back, what with the broken leg he suffered just weeks ago...wait, what, he didn't suffer an injury? It is simply astonishing the mental prowess it takes for someone to return to the world of professional golf just days after the tragic death of a family member...wait, what, he didn't suffer a loss in his family?

    Why is his return so triumphant?

    He drank and drugged himself silly while sleeping around with 15+ hot waitresses and "dancers" cheating on his wife and two kids?

    Wow!! Who could ever comeback from that?

    Why is this such a big deal? He made some egregious mistakes in his personal life and now it is his chance for rendemption?

    News flash, he's not going to redeem himself on the golf course. The only redemption will come at the hands of his wife, if she can find it somewhere in her heart, and she has to have a BIG heart, to forgive his infidelity.

    Tiger Woods' return to golf is the return of a truly amazing athlete, but it is NOT a triumphant return to the "image" that he once had.

    So why won't I be watching him tee off this afternoon?

    1.) I Am NOT Curious: There will be a lot of people that tune in to the Masters who are not golf fans. On-lookers who will be curious how Tiger will react, how the fans will react, how the media will react. I can tell you already, without even watching. Tiger will be nervous and rusty - his game will not be at the level it usuaully is and his fans will be disappointed at first. The fans will cheer him (he will not be jeered.) The media will over-hype it and make it the biggest deal in the history of all sports if he hits even a remotely straight tee shot.

    2.) Tiger Won't Be Tiger: If you watched golf recently, you know, before the Tiger "scandal," you were watching an athlete at the top of his game. A guy who was truly a phenomenol athlete that was racing to the front page of the history books, that was Tiger then. The Tiger you watch tee off at Augusta this afternoon will not be the same man. There will be less fire in his eyes (something he has already even admited to saying that he will tone down his outburts on the course.) He will be more subdued and quite frankly his game will be off. Why watch a once amazing athlete stumble back to mediocrity?

    3.) This is NOT a Comeback Story: Everybody loves a great comeback story. It's what sports is all about. Someone gets injured and knocked out of a big game/tournament and comes limping back on to the playing surface to finish the job he/she started, everybody loves that. This is not one of those moments. Tiger left the game of golf to handle some personal business and he is returning. If I take a leave of absence from my job do people cheer me and talk about how it is the greatest comeback in real estate history? No of course they don't. Is the situation tragic and difficult? For his wife and kids it is. For Tiger, he's a big man, he made a mistake and he'll deal with it. He is not coming back from something catastrophic to his golf game. When reporters compared it to when he left the game with a bad ACL I threw up a little bit in my mouth...THAT was a comeback, this is just another tournament.

    4.) It's a GOLF Tournament: I am a sports fan. I watch sportscenter and I do not turn away when they show golf highlights or Nascar highlights or even soccer highlights, I watch them all, but I am not a fan. I have NEVER sat through an entire round of golf on TV and I am not going to start today. The only LIVE golf I ever watched was the playoff that Tiger was in with his bum knee, now THAT was something to watch. This, is JUST a golf tournament.

    5.) I'll Be At Work: I avoided the NCAA tournament at work and I will do the same with this. When Tiger tees off at 1:40 this afternoon I will be knee deep in TPS reports and no silly golf tournament will stop me from working on those.

    Will you be watching Tigers return? Tell us why or why not in the comments.

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    Blogger Vanessa said...

    I will not for precisely why you won't!

    April 8, 2010 at 12:10 PM  
    Blogger deymar said...

    Well said!

    April 9, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

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