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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    That's Al Folks

    Boston College today announced the "mutual parting of ways" between the university and it's head coach of men's basketball. The decision apparently a week old and not a moment too soon for this fan. The argument for coach Skinner is tangible. BC has lofty expectations for its athletes from academics to moral code. That was the case upon his arrival as it remains today. He leaves BC the schools most successful head coach of all time at 247-165 along with seven trips to the dance since 2001. He had a great run at the Heights but this is coaching and it boils down to what have you done for us lately. If you look at the five seasons since joining the ACC the wins are down and the teams tournament depth has been shallow and the graduation rate is dropping (still higher than FSU - you're shocked I know).

    Let's face it, upheaval at the head coaching position will be DeFilipo's legacy when he steps down as AD of the Eagles. Some people are waiting for that day with eager anticipation. Unfortunately for BC fans Gene will be conducting another "nationwide search." OK, shouldn't it be a nationwide search? If it is merely a statewide search hire our very own Coach K. (Kevin Branco) and at least the energy level and colorful language will be at an all time high. Speaking of Coach K and the likes of Scotty Dukes, I am sure they will come at me with all the stats in the world of why this is a bad decision. After all Gene does not have a plan, if he did today's presser would be followed by an announcement of another one tomorrow at 3pm. Alas, there is no new coach yet. Who will it be? What are they willing to spend? Will someone else be able to recruit better than Skinner has as of late?

    No doubt the new coach will be local. Most likely from a mid-major school. The latest rumors have Eagles fans dreaming of Bruce Pearl from Tennessee, a BC graduate and a Massachusetts native. He has a son on the team in Knoxville and is in a great spot there. He is a triple dog dare you long shot (read - not a chance). Tommy Amaker at Harvard is already in town and understands how to recruit kids that can read. This would not necessarily be an improvement. He struggled at Michigan and Seton Hall. When the dust settles Eagles fans will most likely be underwhelmed by the hire and realize that it is ultimately just a new face roaming the bench area. I for one will be shocked if Gene is able to lure a big name to the Heights such as Jamie Dixon from Pitt. No doubt any rising star to take the gig will be gone as soon as the next offer comes along. So, prepare to welcome Northeastern's Billy Coen - oh, sorry was that out loud?

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