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    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Tough Morning in Boston

    Boston fans woke up this morning to some harsh realities. First off, it looks very likely that the Boston Red Sox will be sending Mike Lowell packing. The trade was reported late last night and while nothing is confirmed at this time, it looks like Lowell will be shipped to Texas for Max Ramirez.

    The deal is not set in stone yet, but to see Mikey Lowell bounced is just a sad thing all the way around. The classiest guy in the organization and a member of the '07 champs, Mike Lowell was one of the biggest reasons to watch the Red Sox in the last couple of years. Getting rid of him, gives me one more reason to not be upset that I don't have NESN.

    Speaking of which, normally I loathe Shaughnessy and his snarky and mostly annoying columns, but I think in this case, he has a point. Read his most recent column about how the Red Sox have "given up" competing with the Yankees here.

    Then there's the ailing Patriots who are "rebuilding." Nostradumbass has been talking about the 7 years of famine and the rebuilding that is in progress in Foxboro for months now and the national sports media is getting on board too. Check out this piece on

    As much as it pains me to say it, Nostradumbass might be on to something. We'll have much more on all of these stories on the Wicked Pissa Podcast, but this has just been a bummer of a morning to be cheering on any of the Boston sports teams...oh wait, the C's are still going strong, I guess.

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