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    Tuesday, October 27, 2009

    NBA Season Preview

    When the season tips off this evening on TNT with the Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers there will be title dreams on both sides, and why not?!? Look at the two of these two teams and you will have a hard time finding a better Eastern Conference team out there. There are a lot of talented teams in the East but not many as deep as the two teams kicking off the season in Cleveland. Adding Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels gives the team a scoring one two punch off the bench they so desperately needed last season. The Cavs bring in a possibly rejuvenated and motivated Shaq and I use the word "possibly" as we have heard Shaq say that he is going to do win this and win that before, but that did not happen when he went to the Suns so now can he prove that he is really ready to "win a ring for the king".

    The rest of East will be looking up at these to two teams for most if not all the regular season, but I am not sure if I can say the same about the reigning champions. As much as it pains me the Lakers look more dangerous this season than last considering the fact that replace Trevor Ariza with Ron Artest! Fair trade.?.not for the rest of the league. The Spurs are going to be very good and so will the Denver Nuggets, but I don't think any of those teams will touch the Lakers this season.

    So my predictions are below for each division and then playoffs and of course the champs. Now I am no "nostrodumbass" so I will do the best I can.

    Atlantic DivisionCentral Division Southeast Division

    1.Boston Celtics
    1.Cleveland Cavaliers 1.Orlando Magic

    2.Toronto Raptors
    2.Chicago Bulls 2.Atlanta Hawks
    3.Philadelphia 76ers 3. Detroit Pistons 3.Washington Wizards

    4. New Jersey Nets
    4. Milwaukee Bucks 4. Miami Heat

    5.New York Knicks
    5. Indiana Pacers 5. Charlotte Bobcats

    Northwest DivisionPacific Division Southwest Division

    1.Denver Nuggets
    1.LA Lakers 1. San Antonio Spurs

    2.Portland Trailblazers
    2.Phoenix Suns 2.Dallas Mavericks
    3.Utah Jazz 3. LA Clippers 3.New Orleans Hornets

    4. Oklahoma City Thunder
    4. Golden State Warriors 4. Memphis Grizzlies

    5. Minnesota Timberwolves
    5. Sacramento Kings 5. Houston Rockets

    Playoff Seeding
    Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
    1. Cleveland Cavaliers1. LA Lakers
    2. Boston Celtics2. Denver Nuggests
    3. Orlando MagicSan Antonio Spurs
    4. Chicago Bulls4. Dallas Mavericks
    5. Toronto Raptors5. Portland Trailblazers
    6. Detriot Pistons6. Utah Jazz
    7. Atlanta Hawks7. Phoenix Suns
    8. Miami Heat8. New Orleans Hornets

    First Round
    Cavs over HeatLakers over Hornets
    Celtics over Hawks (again)Nuggests over Suns
    Magic over PistonsSpurs over Jazz
    Bulls over RaptorsTrailblazers over Mavs

    Second Round
    Cavs over BullsLakers over Trailblazers
    Celtics over MagicSpurs over Nuggests

    Conference Finals
    Cavs over CelticsLakers over Spurs

    NBA Finals
    Cavs over Lakers

    Champions are the Cleveland Cavaliers and we get to here Shaq run his hole about "Lebron is the best player I have ever played with and I wanted to get him this ring" just like he said about Kobe and D-Wade before. Will all of this play out who the F&*K knows all I know is that I am happy hoops is starting since I work with waaaaay too many Yankee fans and I know I can't watch that shhhhhhhiiiiittttt.

    Enjoy the season everyone!

    -Scotty Dukes

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