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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Deep Breaths: New England Patriots Lose

    I am as disappointed as the next New England Patriots fan. It was not a game we HAD to have by any stretch of the imagination, but it was one that we would've REALLY LIKED to have had. Anytime you lose to the NY Jets (even though we don't really know that feeling all that well) it hurts, especially when you play like Chelmsford High School on a bad year.

    First the bad news, the Patriots completely stunk up the joint today. Yes, that is the understatement of the day. Tom Brady had a terrible day under center, in the pocket, out of the pocket and just about everywhere on the field at the Meadowlands. Randy Moss was really nowhere to be found (except on that one tackle he made after a Brady int which was a great play) and with no Wes Welker, Edelman did his best impression of the WR putting up 98 yds on 8 catches, not a bad replacement for Welker (given Brady had such a horrific day.)

    Yes the defense had a great first half, but they fell asleep in the second leaving the Jets to pick them apart and put up some nice drives at the opening of the half.

    So, now the good. There wasn't much to chose from, but I'll give it a go. Julian Edelman looked strong putting up near-Welker numbers on the Jets defense and he would've been over 100 yds receiving had Brady not missed him a couple of times. Fred Taylor, while not stunningly strong, had a couple of great runs and had he not been splitting time with LoMo, he may have had a break out game for the Patriots.

    After the 16-9 loss to the Jets, there will be a whole lot of speculation on the New England Patriots. Lots of people will say Tom Brady still doesn't "have it" back and many (I'm looking at you Nostradumbass) will say that he will never return to form. NOT TRUE. This was a bad, horrendous game from Tom Brady, but it is not the end of the Tom Brady era in New England. He was missing spots. He was overthrowing guys and under throwing guys. It was a long time ago that Tom has had a bad game, but he HAS had them. He's thrown 4 interceptions in a number of games and the sky has never fallen.

    In this game, the Patriots just couldn't turn the corner. Every time you thought they might, they fell short. Even with just under 2 minutes to go, there was a glimmer of hope, but it just never materialized into anything.

    This loss seems bigger then it actually is because it was against the Jets and there was a lot of talk beforehand, but it was JUST the second game of the season. So, New England Patriots fans, take a couple deep breaths, sit back and relax, because the Pats will return to form next week against Matty Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons who come into Foxboro next week.

    Take a couple of deep breaths and let US do the ranting and raving for you on the Wicked Pissa Dude Podcast Weekend Wrap-Up tomorrow.

    Can't wait until tomorrow? Shoot us an e-mail and we'll read your rant on the show tomorrow. Lay it on us.

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    Anonymous Josh G said...

    You're absolutely right that we don't need to get all crazy just yet, but it was upsetting to see the 2 minute drill fail on two drives. Where Brady usually shines, the rest of the offense couldn't give him enough support to move the chains.

    I still feel we could have been running the ball more when we had the ball with 5 minutes left, but it's over and done with, nothing can change what happened. Next week I am a little fearful of Matty Ice, but hopefully this loss gets us on the mean streak that we need to have.

    September 21, 2009 at 4:15 PM  

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