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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    No Jason Varitek? Red Sox Win?

    Jason Varitek was not behind the plate last night in the Red Sox 10-9 win over the Toronto Blue Jays and yet all was right with the world, well almost all. The buzz this morning is over Josh Beckett's performance and the 7 runs he gave up. What, he's not allowed to have a bad start?

    There are a lot of people talking about how he might have blown his chances at winning the AL Cy Young with last nights start, but I don't think so. I don't think one blemish on a guys record is really going to change the voting all that much. It's very rare for a pitcher to be perfect through the entire season.

    It does however, beg the question, what happened? In my humble opinion, I think it was Jason Varitek that he was lacking behind the plate. Tek is the Tom Brady of the Boston Red Sox. You can argue with me all you want, but it is true. The guy calls a brilliant game night in and night out. Just ask Terry Francona or Theo Epstein, you don't keep a guy around with a sub .250 batting average if he doesn't call a masterful game every night.

    So, does Josh Beckett need Jason Varitek to win games?

    Of course he does not. He won games in Florida without Tek, but with Varitek calling the game he is much sharper and that is just what the Red Sox need. He squeaked out of this game with a ND, but the way the Sox bats have been swinging he might not escape from another sub-par performance.

    Here is my call to Tito and the rest of the Red Sox. Start Jason Varitek behind the plate for the rest of the season. Run him into the ground. He will retire after this year anyway and we NEED him to win this year.

    Time for a win NOW mentality and that's the way we're gonna get it done.

    Red Sox tied for the Wild Card and 7 back on the Yankees.

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