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    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    New England Patriots Training Sweat Box

    With temperatures hitting the mid-90's for the third straight day, the New England Patriots training camp is turning into a sweat-fest. Being in full pads yesterday and again today, Tom Brady and company MUST be burning up right now.

    Often on the blog and show we start to trash the professional athletes we love because either they are SUCKING (see: Boston Red Sox) or they are whining about one thing or another. So, I wanted to take a moment out and praise these guys for the hard work and dedication they are showing this week and throughout training camp.

    Now, I know, they get paid millions and millions of dollars to play a kids game, but I still think it is absolutely remarkable that they put on a ton of pads and go hit the crap out of each other in this heat.

    As I sit here typing this, I am in my underwear (you're welcome) and I still can't get cool. All I am doing is typing and sweat is pouring off my face. Now, I am not a finely tuned professional athlete, BUT muscles and cardio fitness are not going to protect you from the sweltering heat that is New England in mid-August.

    So here's to you Tom Brady. Here's to you Logan Mankins. Here's to you Randy Moss. Here's to you Tedy Bruschi. And to the rest of the New England Patriots who are battling this heat to get ready to be a finely tuned machine come opening night. We appreciate it.

    - Adam

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