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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Should the Celtics Trade Ray Allen?

    On Monday's show, Timmy mentioned a rumor that had been floating around the interwebs that the Celtics were seriously considering trading Ray Allen for potentially the 2nd pick in this years draft. Should they do it?

    Sometimes when it comes to trading players from Boston teams I feel like a reverse R. Kelly, stay with me here.

    Bump N Grind real lyrics: "My mind is telling me no, but my body, my boooooooooody's tellin me yeah."

    Bump N Grind lyrics as sung by the reverse R. Kelly: My mind is tellin' me yes, but my body, my boooooooooooooooooody's tellin' me HELL NO (in this example, my body is my this a stretch?)

    MAYBE...Anyway, should the Celtics trade him or not? Get to the point idiot!!

    I say HELL NO!!

    Why would you trade one of two guys that revived your franchise? Ok, maybe it was three guys, but Pierce was already here, so the X factors were KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth. These guys brought banner #17 to the Garden and for that reason they should both finish their careers here, it's not like they're Domonique Wilkens trying to revive his dead and bloated career, these guys won a ring here.

    So, that's the answer that my heart is giving me, but what about my mind? My mind says, maybe, my mind is wishy-washy.

    Who can they get at the number two spot in the draft? Here are the likely top 5 picks according to Chad Ford on

    1.) Blake Griffin (C)

    2.) Hasheem Thabeet (C)

    3.) Ricky Rubio (PG)

    4.) Jrue Holiday (PG)

    5.) James Harden (SG)

    You can read Chad Ford's breakdown of possible draft scenarios here, but do any of these names excite you like the name Ray Allen, one of the greatest pure shooters in the game? Sure he may be losing a step, but he can still shoot the lights out at the Garden anyday of the week.

    My vote, as if it has any clout, is to keep Ray Allen and the Celtics of 2009 in tact and give them another shot. With a healthy roster, they can beat anyone in the know anyone except the Cavs with Shaq, YIKES!!

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