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    Saturday, April 18, 2009


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    Here it is almost 8 hours after the Celtics playoff opener against the Bulls and I can't sleep I am still thinking about it. You may think it's because they lost, but it's not. It's because this was one of the best playoff games I have ever had the pleasure of watching. At the very least it was one of the best first round playoff games that I have every had the pleasure of watching.

    Forget that the Celtics are supposed to whipe the floor with the lowly Chicago Bulls. Forget that even without KG the Celtics were supposed to roll over the Chi-town crew like a steam roller filling in a pothole from a cold New England winter. Put all of that aside and enjoy this game for what it was, pure NBA basketball at it's finest.

    There were certainly some sloppy parts in the game and it wasn't a perfect 53 minutes of basketball, but it had all the intensity of a Celtics v. Lakers finals matchup and this was against the seventh seeded Bulls.

    The Rondo v. Rose matchup was enough to keep your head spinning. Who is this Rose kid and what did he do with the really crappy Bulls point guards of the past few years? I'll tell you who he is, he is the REAL deal. He matched Kareem Abdul-Jabar's 36 point performance in his first playoff game which is impressive in and of itself, but he was virtually unstoppable. The Celtics literally had no answer for him on the defensive end. But our point guard had some punch to him as well. Rajon put up sick numbers including making only one turn over (which unfortunately came in OT.) Rondo did everything he could so the C's didn't lose this one, but it wasn't meant to be.

    This was a game for the ages. Of course, I am disappointed that the Celtics lost and they BETTER win the first ever Celtics playoff game I attend on Monday night, but this was a game that had everyone on the edge of their seats. I have never cheered so loudly in my own living room and been so tense from one moment to the next as I was during this stellar basketball game.

    My hat goes off to the Chicago Bulls team who played an outstanding game and even though we were one Paul Pierce free throw away from winning the game, the NBA was the true winner because this was a game people will be talking about in years to come. The night the Chicago Bulls won their first franchise playoff game against the storied Boston Celtics. WHAT A GAME!!

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