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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Bad sign?

    Is it a bad sign that KG was sent home instead of having him play in tonight's game? He will also not play tomoorow night in Boston as the C's close out the regular-season against the Wizards.

    I honestly don't think this is a bad sign, I actually think this is a very good sign. I think this is a sign that Doc is cautious with his PTP'er's and it worked out well for them last year. There are very few teams that will sit a guy for six-ten minutes of any one quarter, a guy that is their superstar, like Doc does.

    Granted sometimes circumstances dictate that one of the Big Three sit for a little while and rest and the fact that they are all pushing the upper age limits of the NBA is something too, but I think Doc's decision to send KG home and let him rehab a couple more days is a good one.

    Bad sign or not, the playoffs start on Saturday and I'll be at the game on Monday...tix came in the mail today!! GO C's get it boys!!

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