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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Episode 69: Really??

    The world of sports is a buzz with March Madness and the C's and the B's and the Sox, but not the ORB...nope Timmy and Adam are exchanging recipes and work-out tips. Ok, maybe not recipes, but definitely workout tips, they gotta get in shape for Man Weekend!!

    This week there's a tranny in the mix and no Eddie Murphy isn't in town, we're talking A-Rod who apparently got off to a rocky start in NYC (was that punn too much of a reach?) Madam Kristen has named our friend A-Rod as one of "her" clients.

    Also in the news, the C's and the B's look to be back on track and Schill is hanging up his bloody sock in favor of writing a blog and trashing everybody on EEI...WE LOVE HIM!!

    So sit back, relax and crack a cold one, it's Wicked Pissa Dude Radio, the ORB.

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