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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Shaughnessy Be DAMNED!!!

    I just read this article by Dan Shuaghnessy about how Brady has gone soft and I am slightly torn. On one hand, I get his drift, on the other hand, why shouldn't we have a different impression of football players. Isn't this a good image he is portraying? Don't we want high school football players to think it's ok to have sensitivity and show love?

    Maybe Shaughnessy would perfer that they all grow up to be big steroid enhanced tough guys who walk around beating people up for no reason other than Roid Rage. I applaud Tom Brady for having the cojones to show is affection for Giselle in public and for never being the d-bag that we come to expect from professional athletes.

    In the day of Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, isn't it nice to have an athlete that people can look up to? Someone who is a stand-up guy as well as a good husband and father? What is wrong with all of this?

    Don't get me wrong, I get it. I understand Shaughnessy's point in this article, but instead of calling Brady out for it, let's celebrate a guy who knows who is and doesn't waiver from that. He is our quarterback and despite NOSTRADUMBASS' comments, he'll be back slingin the ball to #81 this year better than ever!!

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