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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Marcus Camby Strikes Again

    Should I be a homer like Timmy and be proud of Marcus Camby for knocking off my beloved C's last night? HELL NO!! Marcus, you ruined UMass and you've now ruined the Celtics, well at least for one night.

    In a game that the Celtics were never really "in" despite being up 78-73 midway through the fourth, the Clippers showed up to play and well, the Celtics, didn't. Plain and simple, they didn't want to win.

    Just ask Doc Rivers, "We were awful," coach Doc Rivers said. "We absolutely did not deserve to win that game. I thought we played small all night. We pouted all night. We just thought we could just show up and win a game and we didn't. We didn't make the extra pass all night. We walked the ball up the floor all night. There were so many things we did poor. The fact that we actually had a chance was amazing." -

    So, the Celtics finished their looooooong West coast road trip which began on February 11th, 4-2 and maybe more importantly they come back to Boston injury riddled. There is KG who is already home in Boston nursing a sore knee and after last night the captain may be sidelined with a dislocated thumb, although he valiently played on last night, almost giving the C's a chance to win.

    In any other season, with any other team a 4-2 West Coast road trip would be phenomenal. With this team, we're talking about the one that got away in Los Angeles (and sadly it wasn't to the Lakers.)

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