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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Fort Meyers or Bust!

    I'm all set. I don't need more snow. If you are reading this in Florida or Phoenix, my apologies, I don't wan't to bore you with the laborious details of life in New England in late winter. The networks inundate us with shots from Red Sox camp and we are here shoveling slush. F#cking all set. The question is, why am I having so much trouble dealing with the crappy weather this year? I can't pin point it for you but I know this, I am all set.

    Just a week ago we had temperatures nearing FIFTY!?! Monday, April 6th can't come quickly enough. Baseball back in the Bean. The weather won't matter then, as the Spring will be forced upon us like a 2nd lap dance at the Foxy Lady. Bring it on! Warm weather, shorts and that first time of the season that you are standing in the sun and feel the warmth. That's what I want. You'll be driving home from work with the Sox on your radio and the windows down. It might still be a little chilly for the windows yet, but you don't care. Castiglione's voice meshed in with the sound of your tires rushing over sandy asphalt as you cruise home to see Fenway in all her glory.

    The bright colors of Fenway, bunting and all. Beautiful. I will be lucky enough to not have to call in sick to catch opening day. My boys will give me time enough to watch the game in between naps and snacks. We'll have hot dogs (fat free of course) and smile at the fact that from opening day onward, we'll have a game to watch almost every day for six months. Red Sox Baseball. I love it. Until then, here I stand, hot dogs at the ready...shovel in hand. Go Sox!

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