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    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Have a DAY MASS!!

    Even on the road to the Inauguration I found some time to catch a little MA sports from today. It's not everyday that the UMass Minutemen are on ESPN, but you can usually count on their games against Temple or UConn being on and they played and beat Temple this evening.

    It wasn't just the Minutemen that were on TV tonight, the Celts also had a nice win against the Nets making their streak four wins in a row.

    First, UMass. Yes, the Minutemen are only 7-9, but they are 2-1 in the A-10 and while it's early to speculate what might happen in March, I like their chances of making some waves in the A-10 tourney. I may even travel to Atlantic City to check it out and get the WMUA gang back together (YA UMASS RADIO!!)

    In all seriousness, I like this team a lot. We have the #2 scorer in the A-10 in Ricky Harris who led the team tonight with 24 points. You know who really caught my eye was Chris Lowe. The kid put up a double double for the night and had a couple of cross overs that broke some Temple Owl ankle.

    On the Temple side of the ball Dionte Christmas had a strong performance continuing his A-10 scoring lead pace with 26 points.

    What I love about this UMass team is that they are fun to watch. They may not win every basketball game, in fact, clearly they don't, but they are a good group of kids (ya I said it, kids...EASY) and I think I'll end up making the trek to Atlantic City for the fun of the tourney!!

    Onto the streaking Celtics. After losing four in a row, today they picked up their fourth win in a row beating the Nets 105-85 on the back of Ray Ray's 26 points.
    This leaves me wondering if the C's are going to be a streaky team for the rest of the season. That is certainly how they have been over the first half of the season. They won 19 games in a row, then four out of six and now they've won four in a row (hopefully more.) My only hope is that they streak into the playoffs on a high and not a low, otherwise King James will be a big strong brick wall for us to run into.

    More on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio MNA with Timmy and Scotty Dukes, while I continue to be off witnessing history. Tomorrow night is the big concert at the Lincoln Memorial!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?

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