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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    As if we needed another reason... like Youuuuuuuuuk. The guy who comes to the ballpark everyday, does his job and is so fired up that from time to time his teamates have to help him cool off. Swing at an errant pitch? Bang your head against the bat. Strikeout? There's hell to pay for everyone with the last name Youklis on the back of his jersey.

    Kevin Youklis is the type of guy that Bostonians love. He's a guy that comes to the ballpark everyday ready to do his job and never complains. He's not in it for the women. He's not in it for the fame. He's not in it for the salary. He's in it to play baseball and to be damn good at baseball.

    That's why when I came across the story today about Youk and his arbitration negotiations I found another reason to like this guy. His agent, YES his AGENT said, "Kevin is perfectly content to do it one year at a time."

    That's right in a day and age when a guy gets one MVP vote and he wants to get locked up for fifteen seasons, Youk, a guy who came in third in the voting is happy to take it one season at a time. God bless this guy. Youk represents the kind of guys we like on our teams. Hard working. Dedicated. And out for the team. The kind of guy like Tom Brady who took a pay cut to bring Randy in. The type of guy like Jason Varitek should be to take what will probably be a crappy offer from the Sox to retire in the Red and white.

    Thank you Kevin. The nation stands and applauds you and we're rooting for you to get a 10 year deal.

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