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    Monday, November 3, 2008

    UGH - It Wasn't Supposed To End This Way

    With just a few minutes left to go in the 4th quarter, down by three, Matt Cassel was driving the New England Patriots down the field for his first game winning drive since he took over the reigns from Tom Brady. Only one problem, Dave Thomas, no not the founder of Wendy's, but ok, for argument sake we'll call him David Thomas. He was the man who's late hit would end the Patriots hopes of sole possession of first place and made next week's game against the Bills (which I am going to) a big one indeed.

    It's easy to put it all on that one play, but there were many other things that happened in last nights 18-15 loss to the Colts that you could point to as well. Whether it was Jabar Gafney dropping a SURE touchdown toss from Cassel or the fact that the Patriots never once tested Indy deep with Randy or even the challenge that Bill Belichick lost to rid the Patriots of a time out that they desperately could've used at the end of last nights game. Point to any of these things, but there's really just one thing to say, the Patriots under Matt Cassel are not the Patriots under Tom Brady.

    Don't get me wrong, Matt Cassel was good and the offense looked like it had finally figured something out (with the notable exception of no deep balls to Randy) but if this was a Tom Brady team, it wouldn't have been close. The way the Colts are playing this season, with Tom Brady under center, the Oil Can would've been empty by the third quarter.

    That being said, I understand we're not lucky enough to have MVP TFB under center this season. So here's hoping that what Bobby Kraft told John Madden last night is true, Tom Brady is recovering nicely and is right on schedule, because 2009 never looked so good.

    More on the game tonight on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio (check back early tomorrow morning for a new episode.)

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