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    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    Aaaaand I'm Off

    While Timmy is off telling his weight loss story to a bunch of women, I will be basking in the glory that is steak tips and fat free hot dogs...ahhhh how manly. Seriously though, Timmy has graciously offered me a ticket to today's tilt between our NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and the upstart Buffalo Bills. Wait a minute, this game actually means something? I guess it does.

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    Only one minor problem, all my Patriots gear is in the wash. I meant to wash it, I really did, but I got lazy last night and convinced myself that at least my sweatshirt was clean. I opened up the closet this morning and BOOM (ode to John Madden) nothing. I am a little annoyed. I managed to weasle my Beat LA tshirt and I even considered digging through the laundry to find my Pats stuff, but I decided that was not going to be pretty. So, for today's game,I will have to buy something at the Pro Shop and pay more then any of it is even worth.Enough of me ranting, what about the game? I have no doubt the crowd will be amped and high on Red Robin milkshakes so we'll be rowdy. Will Matt Cassel be equally as amped up? I think he will be. He's no Tom Brady, but he's not an idiot either. He knows the ramifications of this game and if he forgets, I think Tedy Beercan will hit him in the gut, because Bruschi aint goin out like that!!

    GO PATS!!

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