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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Strange night at the Pahk

    Schilling never threw a single pitch. Manny's dew-rag no longer has a "B" on the front, it is now Dodger Blue with an "LA" embroidered in white. Although he and Joe Torre are headed to postseason play, Derek Jeter is not. The Yankees are headed to Tampa next week, not to play the Rays but to hit the links and begin their off season preparations. The Yankees are going home early. Fine! The weirdest news is still to come. Jonathon Papelbon stole three bases tonight. No, he was not pinch running. He did all of this while soaked in beer. As part of the 2008 celebration of clinching a playoff berth, Pap literally pulled up and "stole" first, second and third base and gave them to fans that remained at Fenway to help the local nine and company celebrate.

    In the best news of the day, the Red Sox broke a long standing rule concerning the retirement of players numbers. Recognizing the contributions of Johnny Pesky along with the realization that his career numbers were buffered by three years of military service. The Red Sox announced that they will indeed retire Pesky's number 6 in a ceremony Friday night at Fenway. This marks the eve of his 89th birthday and makes him the first player not inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame to be recognized by the franchise with this honor. All in all a fantastic day on Landsdowne. In a related note, Heidi Watney looks great soaking wet with champagne.

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    Anonymous michelle said...

    Nobody parties like Papelbon. That kid just makes me happy during the post-season, he's so entertaining.

    ps. I bet a wet t-shirt contest was part of Watney's audition process. Haha.

    September 24, 2008 at 10:32 PM  

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