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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Dream Series: Red Sox v. Dodgers

    Imagine its Soxtober. The Red Sox have had a grueling first couple of series to come out of the AL and head to the World Series. The LA Dodgers have breezed through the first couple of rounds on the bat of none other then Manny Ramirez and have taken the NL to make it to the World Series. It’s an East Coast v. West Coast showdown unlike any other since Tupac and Biggie made the streets bleed.

    Now that both teams have clinched playoff berths it’s time to look forward to what could possibly be one of the best showdowns in baseball this year. Sure it may be premature to even consider that these two teams might meet in the series, but it’s a possibility and an intriguing one at that.
    First, there is the Manny storyline. Of course this storyline has been well documented over the past year and in Boston even before that, but Manny has become a model citizen in the Dodgers clubhouse, he has become an RBI machine and he is looking like the Manny of old, you know right after he bitched his way out of Cleveland to come the Red Sox where he showed what a team player he could be. This is of course old fashioned Manny. You’re unhappy where you are, you want a trade, force the ownership’s hand by being a headache for the entire team, get the trade you want and become a model player for the team you get traded to.

    So why is this a great storyline if the Dodgers meet the Red Sox in the Series? There are a number of reasons.

    1.) What will the Fenway Faithful’s reaction be to Manny returning to our beloved ballpark?
    2.) What is the over under on Joe Buck making a derogatory remark about the way the Red Sox treated Manny?
    3.) Will Manny’s dealer show up inside the Monster to give him his “medicine?” These and many other questions would be answered during this East/West Coast battle.

    Next there is Nomah Garciapara. Nomar will undoubtedly get a warm welcome from the Fenway Faithful; after all, his trade is really what put the new generation of Red Sox Nation into motion and started the Red Sox on the roller coaster ride that the team has been on since 2004.

    Of course, we can’t forget our boy Derek Lowe. Or can we? I thought he had gone off to LA to wallow in obscurity for the rest of his career, but turns out, he’s had a nice season for the Dodgers. He hasn’t been lights out, but he’s been ok for the team with a 3.29 ERA and a 14-11 record. Again, probably no hard feelings for D-Lowe from the Fenway Faithful, because after his performance in the 2004 playoffs he is a Boston hero forever.

    Finally, there would be the return of Joe Torre to Fenway Park. Ask any Red Sox fan what they think of Joe Torre and they will say the same thing, “I’ve always respected and admired him, even when he was with the Yankees.” This won’t change and we’ll still want to beat him, but won’t it be nice to see him come back to the Fens in a different uniform so we can show him the respect he deserves? It would also solidify the big fat middle finger that the rest of the league is holding up to the Yankees, like, F-U Yankees your manager still has it and oh by the way, you DON’T!!

    I know it’s a bit of a dream to have the Dodgers come into town to play the Red Sox in the World Series. I know there is a lot of baseball to be played before we even get to that point and the likelihood of this storyline to play out is pretty slim, but hey, it could happen and if it does, it’s going to make for some compelling baseball!!

    GO SOX!!!

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