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    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Did You Miss It: Fenway Park is SOLD OUT

    In cased you missed it on any number of the media reports from last nights Red Sox game, Fenway Park was sold out for the 456th time which is a MLB record. There is no question this is an amazing feat by the fans of Boston. Not a surprising one for anyone who lives in the City of Champions, but it is amazing.

    So, congratulations to you Boston sports fans. You made this possible. It is an impressive record and it's not everyday that fans can break a record, but in Boston we set records on and off the field.

    What then, if the ownership of the Red Sox decided to build a new and improved Fenway Park (HA like that is possible) what would happen then, would our beloved Red Sox be able to sell out a a 50, 60 or even 70,000 seat stadium? I think you know the answer to this question, DAMN RIGHT they would. There are people throughout New England that would give their right arm to go to a Sox game this season (me included) and if there were enough seats to accomodate that every one of them, we would show up for the good games (the Rays and the Yanks) and the bad games, you know when the Orioles come in to town.

    This city is die-hard through and through. It goes Red Sox (sellout every game,) Patriots (sellout every game), Celtics (sellout every game-when they are good) and the Bruins...well maybe we should leave them off the list. We stand by our teams during the ups and the downs. Sure we scream profanities at them during the downs, but hey at least we're still at the stadium.

    Cheers to another sellout tonight and here's wondering if the 2nd place Rays will sellout the games against the Red Sox at the Trop next week. Maybe they will.

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