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    Sunday, June 8, 2008

    You Don't Mess With The PoweHan - Celts Beat the Lakers - Go up 2-0

    It was a fortunate coincidence for the powers that be at ABC. You see, when they planned to do an inspirational story about Leon Powe during halftime of Game 2, they could never have imagined he would be the superstar of Game #2. Powe led the Celtics to a win over the Los Angeles Lakers to lead the NBA finals 2-0.

    Leon Powe finished the night with 21 points

    Every commentator and coach that is interviewed about Leon Powe always mentions how he is ready when called upon. He is the type of player that no matter what he is called on to do, he will do it with heart and it will be done all business. Tonight, he was all business to the tune of . He was the star of the night, but not the only story of the game.

    Here's a question. How is Paul Pierce's knee? I think he said it best when being interviewed before the half by Michelle, he said, "You know my adrenaline is pumping right now baby." First of all, yes he did call her baby. Secondly, I think that's his way of saying, it hurts like hell, but this is the NBA finals and I will play until my leg breaks. If I am on crutches on the duck boats, then I will be on crutches, but if I can walk I will be playing in the NBA finals. That being said, how's the adrenaline treating Paul Pierce? I would say pretty good as he finished the game with 28 points and 8 assists.

    They brought up again tonight the question that Bob Ryan has asked a couple of times, is Paul Pierce the most explosive offensive player to ever put on a uniform? The answer simply is no, at least in my humble opinion. He is up there, but he is not in the realm of Larry Bird. Mark Jackson thinks it's Larry and Pierce, but Van Gundy thinks you should put Kevin McHale in the mix on this question. Give me all three of them on my team and I'll be happy. So, I guess I am happy, because they all have been on my team!!

    It was the Celtics stifling defense that was really the headline of this game. Once again the C's frustrated and befuddled Kobe Bryant. When Kobe is yelling at the refs and missing dunks (YES HE MISSED A DUNK IN THIS GAME) you know something is going right on the defensive end. Kobe was very frustrated tonight and it showed. He was in foul trouble for a bunch of the night, but it was mostly the defense of the C's that was frustrating him. The Celtics held Kobe to, 11-23 from the field and a point total of 30, he also had 8 assists.

    Even with the Celtics stifling defense in the first three quarters, the Lakers certainly made it interesting down the stretch. The Celtics fell asleep on the defensive end and the Lakers made an amazing run at it to pull within 4 with just over a minute left to go in the 4th. After being down 24 with just over 7 1/2 min. to go, the Lakers went on a 31-11 run and were poised to pull off the biggest comeback in NBA finals history. The Lakers grabbed 41 points in the 4th quarter and gave everyone in Boston a heart attack.

    In the end it was two clutch free throws from The Truth and James Posey that would seal the deal for the Celtics. This game should not have been this close. But this, is what the NBA finals are all about.

    The Celtics are up 2-0 and are off to the Staples Center in LA. As Scotty Duque and Tim both said on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio, they think the C's can take on on the road. If they take one in LA and can win it at home.

    Final Score: Celtics 108 - Lakers 102

    Click here for the boxscore of Game #2.

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