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    Wednesday, June 4, 2008

    Paul Pierce's Legacy? As Spoken by the Legend

    The reason Larry Bird was the superstar that he was in Boston was about 50/50 basketball and attitude. He certainly fit in to the blue collar crowd that was the Celtics fan in the 1980's, but more then that, in the City of Champions he was about one thing and one thing only, WINNING!!!

    Larry knew that the only thing the Boston fans would accept was a ring at the end of the season and he poured his blood sweat and tears into getting one of those for his team and the city. He grabbed three and placed himself among the greatest to ever wear the green and white.

    He also knows that this city is STILL about one thing and that is winning and that's why he's comments about Paul Pierce are not shocking. In an interview with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson for, Larry said, "In Boston, they always talk about how many championships you won. I think it's very important for Paul to win one if he wants to be put up there with the great ones, even though I think he is a fantastic player, probably one of the best players to ever come through there."




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