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    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Championship Pride: Where Does Your Favorite Rank?

    Great article on today about ranking our championships (yes I'll say our championships because I am certainly the sixth, 10th, 275th man, whatever you want to call me, I am part of the team...where are my rings? DAMMIT!!) Anway, the article took the six championships the city of Boston sports teams have won over the last decade and ranked them in order of importance. Every one of them is special in it's own right, but you know you have your favorite and I do too.

    My list.

    1.) '08 Celtics - This is a tough one for me, because probably every other person in Boston will pick the '04 Sox, but to me this one is special, because I have always been a C's fan first and the last ring they got was during my "formative" years when my dad and I watched every game together.

    2.) '04 Sox - Of course this is no doubt the bigger of the two Sox rings and pretty close to the top of my list as well, but it only falls to #2 because of the above mentioned reasons.

    3.) '01 Pats - Remember back when the Patriots were underdogs? When nobody thought they could win? When Mumbles didn't even mention the parade until a couple of days after their victory in the Super Bowl? The times were innocent back then. No spygate. No Harrison on roids...we were just young kids playing ball.

    4.) '04 Pats - This was my favorite Patriots team for a lot of reason, not the least of which was Corey Dillon. I love to see a guy who has gotten a bad rap his whole career come back with avengence and prove to the world that it in fact was wrong.

    5.) '07 Sox - Great team to watch. There wasn't quite as much drama in them winning this ring and sad as it is to say, they were expected to win and somehow that makes it a little less enjoyable.

    6.) '03 Pats - The first of back to back rings is always fun and considering the way we got there, this was a fun one, so I don't know why this falls to the bottom of the list, but I am sure MVP TFB will understand.

    Great idea for an article by Chad at Read his list here.

    Make your own list and either comment it or shoot it to us on e-mail. We'll read some of them tonight on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio.

    Talk to you tonight!!



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