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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Russell on Garnett

    We're under way in the second half and as is the case with ESPN/ABC/NBA, they tease a big thing at halftime and then deliver about :14-seconds of it, but this was a great :14-seconds. Bill Russell interviewing Kevin Garnett. There was some real power in the interview and Russell said to Garnett that he thinks KG will win two-three championships in Boston (not if they are playing the way they are playing tonight) but he also said that if KG doesn't win a championship, Russell would share one of his with KG.

    F-ing cool, I love it. As a side note, these two Celtics greats were sitting down in room with Larry Bird as the back-drop. LOVE IT!!! If they every make this interview available online, look for it here.

    - Adam

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