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    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Phew...The Celtics Escape

    Let the questions begin. Can the Celtics win banner #17 without winning a road game? Maybe they can, but I am not sure I'd be super excited about it if they had to do it. Today's game 7 against the Cavs sure was exciting, but it wasn't good for my blood pressure. The Celtics finished off the pesky Cavs with a stellar performance from Paul Pierce.

    Pierce finished the game with 41 points, but stats alone cannot explain the game he played. He was a monster on the defensive end and his emotion lifted his teamates to another level. You only have to look at the Larry Bird-esque play that Eddie House made diving for a loose ball and flipping it to Posey for a missed lay-up and a foul. This was obviously a game the Celts had to have to live another day and Pierce made sure that happened.

    Don't get it twisted though, Lebron did everything he could to break the Celtics home winning streak as he put up a monster 47 points, but he didn't get much help from the rest of his team. He was a one man show, with a little help down the stretch by Delonte who obviously wanted to put his former team away for good.

    Pierce didn't get much help from his teamates as only two others were in double digits, KG had 13 and P.J. Brown (yes, P.J. Brown) had 10 garbage points. Then again there weren't too many garbage points in this game. KG didn't do it offensively, but he was nasty on the boards with 13 and defensively he played Lebron tough on a couple of plays and he took Ben Wallace to the hole a couple of times.

    It is only fair to say that the Celtics escaped this series. As we said on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio last week, nobody wants to see Lebron in game 7, then again, the rest of the NBA doesn't want to see Paul Pierce in game 7 either.

    Bring on the PISTONS!!

    Click here for the boxscore.
    - Adam

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