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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    On the Road Again...Holy Crap We Lost On The Road Again...

    Best quote of the night. "Cleveland home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the best they can come up with is Who Let The Dogs Out?" - Jess...God Bless Her.

    How do we have 58 points with 6 minutes to go? THIS IS SICKENING!!!

    Are we headed back to Boston? It looks that way. We are down 9 with 4 minutes to go and Lebron has aparently found his stroke. It's not looking good peoples. If we go back to Boston for Game 7, I am a little nervous. Yes, I know we're undefeated at home, but something has got to give. I have no misconception that we are going to play 28 games to win an NBA championship. The play by play guy tonight mentioned that possibility, but to be honest I think it's unrealistic.

    The sky isn't falling yet, but we're down 9 and it's not looking good.


    This is why I love basketball. The emotional roller coaster that it is. Less then a minute ago I was ready for Game 7 and now, I have hope. As I am typing, Garnett travels, he just missed an open 5 footer and now he traveled.

    Wally Can't Spell His Last Name knocks down a three. He has sucked all night and now he hits a three, YAWN!!

    Down 7 with 1:19 to go as Pierce steps to the line for two. Two big ones and we'll cut it to five, manageable. He hits 'em both. TERRIBLE CHARGE CALL will spell the end of the game for the Celtics. Now wait a minute. Board for the Celtics, ahead to Allen and he'll go to the line for two. Hits them both. Cleveland inbounding. At the free throw line...hit 'em both. Five point game. Celts ball. GAME OVER.

    Final Score: Cavs 74 Celts 69 (69 points? YES 69 points...EXHAUSTING!!!)

    I am working on a theory as to why the Celtics can't win on the road. I believe that they subconciously want to make Boston fans sweat. I also think they realize that history is made in Game 7's and they want to make history. Two reasons for losing on the road. I don't like either game, but that's my impression that this team wants to make history and they are doing everything they can to etch their names into the annuls of Boston Celtics history.

    It really is exhausting watching this team. If the Red Sox weren't rained out, I might be flipping over to that game even though they have been stinking it up lately.

    Not much more to say about this game.

    If you dare, check the box score here.


    - Adam

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