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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Could be worse

    Halftime and we're down 17. Could be worse? I think it could be a whole lot worse. For one, we were down 26 at one point, so that could be worse. The other thing though is that Lebron hasn't really gotten off the snide in this game...YET. I hope he won't in the second half, but as good as the Cavs have played in the opening half of game 3, Lebron hasn't gotten his stroke back, this is nothing but good for the Celts. If he doesn't get it back in the second half, we look good. If he does, we're somewhat screwed.

    I hate to cut this short, but Bill Russell with KG...CAN'T MISS IT!!

    Back again at the end of the game.


    - Adam

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