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    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Celtics Win With D-Fense!!

    A blow-out!! I am not sure if I should be fired up or freaked out. Why? If series #1 taught us anything, the Celtics can make it look so easy in the Gahden dude, but then they hit the road and ooops we forgot how to play ball!!

    As I sit here though with minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the big three on the bence, I feel pretty good about our chances in Cleveland.

    Not to get ahead of ourselves here though, we should admire this gem of basketball shined up by the C's tonight. How are you going to hold the Cleveland Cavaliers to 73 points? Just unreal defense being played by every single Celtic.

    "Who would've thought that the king could be stopped by anyone other then the gladiator." - Jeff Van Gundy

    I normal wouldn't quote a Van Gundy, but I thought that was a pretty good line. I don't know if Lebron is a King or a crybaby, but one thing I know is aparently the Celtics have his number (6-24 in this game.) I hope the same thing can be said after Saturday once the Celtics get win #3 and road win #1 in these playoffs.

    Final score Celtics 89 - Cleveland 73

    Click here for the Boxscore

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