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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Celtics Game 5

    I am starting this post before the end of the game. I wasn't going to, because I just wanted to enjoy the game, but there are things I have to say before I forget them so here I go.

    - I LOVE KG - There are many reasons to like the guy, but here is the one reason to love him, the Celts make a stop and he grabs the ball, hands it to Rajon and then head butts him and gives him a pep talk in the back court while Cleveland is crapping their pants...I absolutley LOVE that intensity.

    - Am I seeing things or is Reggie Miller whoring himself out for Blackberry? Who is going to buy a Blackberry because Reggie Miller said so? Certainly not me. I wouldn't buy an ice cream sundae from Reggie Miller.

    - Rajon is out of his mind tonight. Go ahead Rajon show them you're a force to be reckoned with.

    - Big Baby is in the game, playing well and who doesn't like this kid? I mean you could hate the Celtics and still love Glen if we could get Scal in there we'd be good...too bad he's in street clothes.

    - I love me some Charles Barkley especially in those T-Mobile commercials, "hey hey hey, GET ME THEM SOCKS!!!"

    - Am I the only one that thinks 19-30 from the free throw line is absolutley ABSURD?!?!?! In the good old days Larry would be shooting 93-94% from the free throw line. Now, in the playoffs, the Cavs are shooting 65%? That is a travesty. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers for sucking at the free throw line, so the Celtics lead sticks.

    - I love the Dropkick's Ship It Up To Boston, but wasn't that the Red Sox song? Makes me wonder what it would look like if Big Baby were to do the jig to that song...something tells me it would be a little less graceful then when Pap did it and who would've thought that would be possible. The song is playing on the PA at the Gahden!!

    - Lebron just pulled an obnoxious Reggie Miller type move. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

    - We're only up six and Pierece just missed his first of two free throws...ARGH MISSED FREE THROWS, nothing pisses me off more then that. Pierce hit his second, but now we're only up by 5 as LJ gets two. Pierce just redeemed himself by knocking down two. I'll take it.

    - Two steals in the backcourt for Cleveland? This is embarrasing. Lead could be four after D West hits his free throws. This is tiring. 45.5 left to go....91-87 C's.

    - Oh hey, when we return from this commercial break it will be time for the Charles Schwabb Time To, don't change the channel, you don't want to miss this...what's that? The Hills are on? As long as your watching it in hopes of seeing clips of Lauren's sex tape and not because you're interested in the drama...ok, back to the game.

    - Here come the Celts inbounding from half court. HUGE hussle play by Ray Allen. The Cavs forced us to take a TERRIBLE shot, but RA ran it down and kept it alive. Kicks it to Pierce and now he'll shoot two. Makes both and we're up six.

    Deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths.

    - 15.6 left to go - West drives the lane and gets fouled. Looked like a charge, but shocking they didn't get the call. Knocks 'em both down - 4 point game. Pierce will now go to the line - Back up six. Five second violation on the Cleveland inbounds and a foul. GAME OVER!!!

    Final Score - 96-89

    11 assists for Cleveland
    25 assists for the C's

    Click here for the boxscore.

    - Adam

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