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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    On the Fence: Damon With a B

    By now you've heard about the possibility that Johnny Damon may be returning to the Bean for another stint with the Boston Red Sox. The Sox picked him up off of waivers and while Damon has a no trade clause in his contract (one that specifically designates the Boston Red Sox as a team he cannot be traded to) the two sides are trying to work out a deal.

    I am on the fence about these shenanigans.

    On one hand, this adds a new wrinkle to the 2010 Boston Red Sox. It gives us something else to make the final six weeks of a tough season even more interesting. It could make the team more competitive, like adding P.J. Brown to the '08 Boston Celtics roster. The only difference is the history of course with Mr. Damon.

    Would Johnny Damon help this Red Sox team make a push for the playoffs? I think he probably would. Could he be the puzzle piece to take Jacoby Ellsbury's spot in the lineup? Maybe. Does he still have enough juice in his legs to get around the bases and make some plays in the outfield? Yes, probably.

    So from that perspective, I think the move would be great.

    On the other hand, he is a BUM!! He blew off the Red Sox who seemingly gave him a decent contract and an opportunity to build something special only to go the hated New York Yankees. You don't move from one franchise to another in a heated rivalry like that. Go to the Tigers, FINE. Go to the Orioles, OK. Go to the Rays, I don't care. But to the Yankees? I don't f-ing think so.

    Johnny Damon is a traitor through and through. He is a guy that chased the money and the fame and where is he now for it? He's no better for it. Take him, in comparison to a guy like David Ortiz. Ortiz has been the darling of this city, playing for a salary that is, quite frankly beneath him. He has struggled and the media has ridden him, HARD, but he still wants to stay in Boston. He wants to finish his career here and show the fans of Boston that he still can win and do it in style. There have been bumps in the road, but none that have been insurmountable.

    Damon on the other hand, took the money and run, so to speak.

    Johnny Damon is no better then Roger Clemens in my book and he should stay where he belongs...OUT OF A RED SOX UNIFORM!!

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