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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    The Ticket Stub

    All day Tuesday I was saying to myself "Doc needs to start Davis he just has too" though the reasoning was a bit flawed, I was telling myself this for the fact that everyone can remember who the "Ticket Stub" is and we have not seen him in awhile. It was about time to unearth Davis' alter ego. Unearth he did, 23 points 8 boards and a fire that showed the Garden faithful why they loved the "Ticket Stub" and why we needed to see him again.

    KG out because of an elbow, to a guy we all would love to elbow anyway, had to sit in the clubhouse and watch what at one time was thought to be his protege start the game and go gang busters all over the Miami Heat. The game got so out of hand that I switched over to the Sox game cause a game at the Fens in APRIL was more exciting to watch than the beating the C's were doling out.

    KG I am sure was smiling and maybe you will see him take Davis under his wing like he was two seasons ago. After showing that he has the talent and that playoff run last season was not as big as a fluke as most thought it was. Here is my only gripe with Davis and the "Ticket Stub". Why not bring it out all the time? Do you have to start the game to show what you are made of? Makes no sense to me, whether you are starting or coming off the bench the "Stub" should always be a part of his game.

    Overall the C's got exactly what they needed out of Davis and whether we see the "Ticket Stub" on Friday in Miami when KG comes back or just the "Stub" Glen Davis was a HUGE (pun intended) reason the C's are not sitting at 2-0.

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